Published: 08.06.2018
We are planning to open the pre-orders closer to the fall. Meanwhile, we are making everything ready to launch the manufacturing:

1. The hardware was redesigned to comply with large residential properties. Now the product supports 400A CT clamps. We also had conversations with four different factories in China to find the best price to produce such CT clamps which are pretty expensive.

2. Signed an agreement with a producer of the plastic cases, finalised a 3D model of plastic cases and prepared everything for the mould production. Here is a picture of the new plastic case:
3. Made the redesign of the PCB to speed up the delivery of the product. Until now, some of the components took a long time until they are delivered after the order (lead time). We changed the components, including the microprocessor. It saves us time and instead of 8 weeks lead time for components delivery we managed to achieve 2 weeks lead time.
4. After the redesign, we had to change a factory to be able to reduce the lead time. We negotiated with five factories in China and found the one with good references and pricing offer. Also, we found a contractor in China who is specialising in finding the proper factories to achieve better pricing when production is scaling. We agreed to meet when we're in China.

5. Agreed about meetings in China with the factories to make sure that everything is in place for manufacturing.

6. Finished application structure and interfaces for the final Ecoisme app. Here some sample of the new interfaces:
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