Published: 19.12.2018
When a company launches manufacturing, one of the most important questions is who is responsible for the supply of components. A manufacturer always tries to take it on their side as they make money selling you components with extra margin. If the company wants to optimize the production cost, it is very important to find a good partner and supply components directly. That helps to optimise costs and make sure that all components come to the manufacturing facility on time. Aside from this, such partners can even open a credit line for components supply.

Recently we had a meeting with Karim Khebere, Corporate VP & Managing Director EMEA of Future Electronics, and his team. We signed a contract and agreed that Future Electronics will supply Ecoisme with ST Microelectronics components. ST Microelectronics components are playing a core role for real-time data processing at Ecoisme sensors.
Future Electronics is the fourth largest electronics distributor in the world. It operates in 169 locations in 44 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2014 its revenues were $5 billion.

Why is it important?
- Future Electronics is a distributor of ST Microelectronics components in the UK. - They provide us with a good price and lead time.
- They have a strong relationship with manufacturers around the world. It will be extremely beneficial for the scaling of production.
- Partnering with Future Electronics gives the ability to receive financial support to order components.
- Future Electronics has a strong tech team with experienced engineers who can support our RnD.