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The magic of Ecoisme

Ecoisme is a monitoring tool that detects home appliances and measures active and reactive power and current by connecting to your breaker. Its application makes analyses and provides all the energy information in a simple explanation.
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Warning! You left your iron on!
Change AC filter and save $45 a month
You consumed 30% less energy this week
Your clothes are washed!
Your solar panel can’t keep up with your consumption

How it works

To detect and measure devices, Ecoisme uses machine learning algorithms, analyses user behavior and measures active and reactive power. Ecoisme is easy to integrate with other IoT solutions. Ecoisme turns your smart solutions into a full energy efficiency home.
Install your sensor
Turn off the power in your home and find a proper place in your fuse box or on the wall next to it, and securely attach the Ecoisme sensor.
Loop the clamps
Check again if the power in your breaker is turned off and attach the clamps on the phase wires. You have to fix as many clamps as you have electric phases in your home.
3 (optional)
Connect to Solar inverter
Ecoisme works with most types of solar inverters. Attach Ecoisme clamps on the phase wires of the solar inverter. You have to attach as many clamps as you have electric phases in your inverter.
Plug in the sensor
Plug the Ecoisme Sensor into the socket and then turn on the power in your fuse box. Make sure that the logo of the Ecoisme sensor is flashing white.
That’s it!
You can now download our application to your phone and connect it to the sensor. Ecoisme will help you to discover your home power!
Ecoisme Tech specs

Ecoisme Tech specs

4.9 x 4.9 x 1.6 in
12.5 x 12.5 x 4 cm
0,65 pounds
0,3 kg
Included in the box
Ecoisme sensor
Up to 6 current transformers
Voltage cables
Mounting options
99 %
120/240 V 60 HZ SPLIT-PHASE
120/208 V 60 HZ DUAL-PHASE
220-240 V 50 HZ SINGLE-PHASE
110-240/208-415 V 50/60 HZ THREE-PHASE
Maximal current
100 A per phase
802.11 b/g/n