Published: 11.07.2017
1. Updated version of Ecoisme app: responsive, emotional and user-friendly. We spent a lot of effort to get our app better and it paid off. We made Ecoisme app more emotional. Now it shows if your household is energy efficient or not in a new responsive way. The app is developed not to just inform you about energy consumption, but to actually help you save your resources and money. We are well under way to become your personal energy assistant, not just another energy monitor. We are changing the paradigm of energy saving, making it interesting and fun. Key features like devices recognition, total energy consumption, stats will, of course, remain.

We are thrilled to see all the positive feedbacks from our testing partners, who are using our testing batch with the beta version of the new app.
2. We have finalized Ecoisme's user guide. Here is the link to our updated user guide:
3. Unboxing and using Ecoisme with a new app. Video.
Our business development manager Maria made a video for you showing what the new Ecoisme app looks like and what's inside the Ecoisme box.
4. Ecoisme test batch is shipped to our partners. All 100 sensors have been shipped to our partners and test are under way. Like we mentioned above, this batch already has the new version of the app. It's on the closed beta now. We are pleased and proud to say that Ecoisme is loved for our design and interfaces.
5. Test results and next steps.
As it often happens with technology, right before shipping to partners, we noticed a critical bug in our firmware. This caused us to move tests from May to July. We are also working on making our hardware even smaller. Our goal is to make it fit into most of the electrical panels worldwide. It already a fit for the majority of the US houses and the new design will make it a better fit for European apartment size panels. Although we have the delay with testing, we are continuing our preparation to production manufacturing. In a few weeks we will show you the printed circuit boards and the plastic box enclosure which will be used for the full-scale manufacturing

We appreciate your patience and continued support.We are working hard to deliver you the best product and to prove your expectations are totally worth it.