Published: 5.12.2018
Last week we signed a contract with Energy Helpline to launch automatic utility switch functionality for customers in the UK.

Energy Helpline is an independent price comparison service, accredited by Ofgem. They provide customers with fast, free and friendly advice on their best gas and electricity deal. Energy Helpline is 13 years on the market. They are one of the UK's leading price comparison services with the widest range of supplier relationships in the industry.Together with Energy Helpline, we will provide an automatic utility switch capability for our UK customers. Based on your customer energy consumption behaviour, Ecoisme will find the best utility tariff and switch you to this tariff automatically. It means that you will always have the best deal with no efforts. This functionality will be available for UK customers once we deliver the sensors.
While we're preparing full-scale manufacturing of Ecoisme sensors, we launched a new functionality on our website where the utility provider can be switched right away. It can help you to save up to £300/year.

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